Careful reading of challenging books remains an indispensable practice as we seek to wisely and faithfully navigate the emerging techno-social milieu. Reading them alongside others who also seek such understanding only enriches the practice. Beginning in January of 2019, CSET will be launching a virtual reading group centered on key works that help us understand the nature of technology and its role in our world. 


CSET is committed to adopting forms that correspond with the content of our critique. Our occasional colloquia embody this commitment. These gatherings are small scale, low-tech events taking place over the space of one and two days. These events will revolve around readings, discussion, shared meals, and times of reflection. Events will be led by scholars, writers, and teachers who will guide a small cohort through readings that illuminates the technological landscape while providing time for engaging conversation and personal reflection. Our aim is for a time that is not only intellectually stimulating but also 

Lectures and Workshops

Along with reading groups and colloquia, CSET is pleased to offer a variety of lectures and workshops on technology, ethics, and faith. We offer these lectures and workshops both on location in Pittsburgh and Orlando as well as on site at communities and institutions looking seeking to explore how technology impacts their work. 

Greystone Connect

Lectures, talks, and workshops are also available through Greystone Connect.