The Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology exists to promote sustained and rigorous thinking about the moral consequences of technological change.

Historically Rooted

Our effort to understand technology's consequences resists the temptations of presentism. Technology has a history and understanding that history is essential to making sense of the social and moral consequences of technological change. 

Critically Oriented

We steer clear of both naive enthusiasm for technology and reactionary pessimism. Our aim is to foster and sustain a critical distance that empowers us to live wisely with technology. 

Theologically Informed

Thinking about technology eventually leads us to consider what it means to be human and what constitutes human flourishing. Our work is grounded in theologically informed approaches to these questions. 


CSET provides substantive commentary on technology’s ethical consequences in a variety of formats.



Follow the CSET blog for discussion and analysis of current developments, book reviews, interviews, and essays exploring the consequences of technologies new and old.


CSET publishes an occasional newsletter with updates on the center's work, reflections on technology and the moral life, and links to news and resources. Sign up here. 


Our forthcoming podcast will take up a variety of topics related to the history, philosophy, and ethics of technology. 


CSET seeks to foster communities of reflection and practice devoted to living wisely and faithfully in a technological age. 



CSET hosts occasional reading groups, both online and on site, centered on both key texts in the history of technology criticism and recent works of note. 


One and two-day conversations, guided by writers and scholars from a variety of disciplines working at the intersections of ethics and technology. 

Lectures & Workshops

CSET works with local communities and institutions to host lectures and workshops designed to provide releva